Wordcount Dropping Overnight/Upon Opening

I have been having an issue with my wordcount from the search bar dropping overnight/upon opening. (I close the program every night when I’m finished.)

I have my project set to sync with an external DropBox folder and the first time I noticed the issue was after I synced in changed that were made to the files outside of the Scrivener application. The total wordcount in the target bar had dropped by about 2k words. When I get the wordcount from the project statistics function, it’s correct (about 2k higher).

I double checked that all of the files marked to compile are correct and none are missing, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Last night it happened again. I closed the program with 170,200 words and opened this morning to 169,019. When I use the project statistics function to get the word count, it’s 170,200. It doesn’t look like any content is actually missing, just that the word count drops in the search bar.

Any advice?


I am not sure exactly what you have that’s going on, but here are a few things that may have an incidence on the reported word count, depending on the settings for your statistics:

Include/exclude from compile.
The compile range of documents.
The filter in the compiler.
Whether a document is inside the draft/manuscript folder or not.

Could whatever you do outside of Scrivener change the status of a document ? I doubt it. But perhaps. (?)

One thing I don’t understand, though, is that you seem to imply that it happens repeatedly.
If so, how do you get the word count back up ?
If your overall wordcount goes down each day, are the drops not cumulative ? – Wouldn’t you now be short of 4k, 5k, 6k words ?

How many computers do you run ?
If the answer is “one”, you are misusing the sync.
No need for Dropbox. (Which might be your culprit, here. Perhaps some files are only on the cloud. Not available offline. You’ll see them in the binder, but the editor will/would show blank.)

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The drop in word count has only happened twice. The first time after syncing changes made to the file on a nother device and the second just overnight. After the first drop in words the word count climbed normally as I wrote for the next 5k words or so. Then dropped overnight after closing/reopening the file.

When I edit the drop box file it is on another device.

I will triple check my compile filters to see if I’ve missed something.

Yes but, do the two places you compare the word count against each other drift further apart ?

You are not talking about “Session target”, aren’t you?
This one (Session target) has its own (optional) setting to reset at a given time.

They do not drift apart that I’ve noticed. The word count that I get from the project statistics function has stayed correct/accurate. It’s only the word count in the search bar that has dropped.

No, not the session count, the project word count above that

Are you set like this?


What I think you really should do is go through your documents one by one to see if Dropbox didn’t snatch one off of your HD.
Is your project within Dropbox’s reach?
If so, make sure your files are set to be available offline.

Yes that is how my draft target is set up.

Thanks for the advice on the files. I will check that tonight!