Can anyone explain me on a rational “project” basis why the wordlists.ini is placed in a totally unusual path (C:\Users\xxx[b]AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener[/b])?

And why it is not possible to move this file in order to be in accordance with a project, i.e. be an integral part of a project?

Other file paths can be defined in “Options”. The wordlists.ini doesn’t belong to these individual paths.

I am still puzzled and grateful for a rational explanation.

My understanding is that it is not intended to be a per-project word list; it is installation specific, and the Windows developer guidelines for newer versions of Windows specify the user’s local appdata for persistent files.

The Mac version uses the MacOS built-in spellcheck engine, which (as I understand it) does not give one the ability to add/remove learned words on a per-project basis, so this is functionality that would break for users who are cross platform. Ditto for iOS.

Also, how would that work with multiple projects open at once? Again, as I understand it, there would need to be some major modifications to the spellcheck engine used on the Windows version to support this. That seems like extra work that would result in a situation that would break expectations cross-platform.

hi and thanks for your reply.

it’s still not logical for me.

i have different projects, and work alone on them - a single big one at the time.
but i use two machines: a desktop and a laptop (both windows 10, scrivener version 1.9).
in order to have everything on both machines in sync, my projects are located on my internal server.
everything works perfectly, even after syncing the prefs.

a wordlist belongs to my writing - and there is no difference in writing on my desktop or my laptop.
so the words are always the same.
but if i collect them on one machine, they are not transferable to the other machine.

that’s why i think it unlogical and counter-productive.

Well, the spelling engines disagree.

Help me understand a bit. Are you saying that your Scrivener installation is on your internal server, or just the projects you’re working on? If the installation were on the server, the two machines might be able to share a spelling dictionary (might; I don’t really know). But if each machine has its own installation of Scrivener, then each will maintain its own spelling dictionary, because (as devinganger said) that’s how Windows requires it to work. You’d simply have to sync/copy the wordlists.ini files between the two installations.

There are lots of requests for spellcheck to work better in Scrivener, and maybe it will in v. 3. But, again as devinganger said, there has to be compatibility with the entirely different way of doing spellcheck in the Apple world.

hi and thanks for your reply

to be very clear:
only my project files are on my internal server (options: path to the project)
the installation of the scrivener program is on each machine

of course i tried to sync the wordlists.ini (i.e. copy from one machine to the other).
but the respective file of machine A is not recognised on machine B.
and vice versa.

so there must be something additional not working by synching the wordlists.ini besides some rules of windows .

that’s why i insist that wordlists.ini have to be attached to the projects and be in a place where they can “travel”.

Are you sure that you are not making a request? Insisting is rude. It means that you feel entitled to compel the programmers to make a change to suit you in a future version of a product that you purchased the present version of.

well, thanks google search we know now that this discussion about where to put the file wordlists.ini started in 2013.
now, 6 years later, we are at the same point of discussion.
“insisting” in this context is nothing more than reminding of an open disagreement.

and what “rude” is concerned, i as european am feeling to be in a very rude political situation since 2016 …