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Can anyone suggest a free Wordpress blog editor/template to post pages written using Scrivener?


Interesting question. Scrivener compiles to HTML. Can you adapt that Format to end up with what WordPress needs?

Thanks for the question.

Currently I compile to a PDF. My thought was to compile to individual PDF files and upload each as a blog post.

PDFs are for sharing documents with a fixed layout to other computers. WordPress wants Plain Text or HTML in it’s editor. The HTML-file is a complete page, so not convenient pasting that into WordPress’s editor. Compiling to Plain Text with the Default or Manuscript Formats offers clean text, but formatting will be lost. Compiling to Rich Text Format and pasting it in the Visual tab of the WordPress Editor preserves much of the looks, but still needs some cleaning up.

You’d like to have software the automatically posts to WordPress and cater for that. Personally, I don’t know of any such software…

Maybe one of these plug-ins to post Word-documents to WordPress works?

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Hi AntoniDol,

Thank you for the details on Wordpress.

Perhaps I need to rephrase my question then:

What is the best way to post Scrivener files, in whatever ultimate form that may be, as a blog on the internet?

Put another way, how do I create a blog on the internet starting with my Scrivener files?

Thanks again for your thoughts and comments.

Found this. Hope it helps…

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Hi AntoniDol,

Thank you for the information on third-party publishing apps. I’ll have a look at the links you have provided.

An earlier posting posed an interesting question to the Scrivener community:

What software do you use to write with these days?

I’d like to take this opportunity to pose a parallel question to the Scrivener community:

What software do you use to publish blogs or Scrivener documents on the internet these days?

Thank you again for the links.

The question might better be asked in a web forum and phrased as “If I want a site with X characteristics, what software should I use to manage it, and what format does that software require?”

At one extreme, you can Compile to plain text or Word and simply copy and paste into a WordPress site. Do a quick review to make sure all your formatting came through, and you’re done.

At the other extreme, you can use Scrivener as the front end for a completely customized publishing workflow, feeding Markdown into your own custom scripts.

Hi kewms,

Thank you for the suggestions.

Either way, I can see I have my work cut out for me.

Are there any Scrivener tutorials available to get me started with Markdown?

Thanks again.

If all you want to do is to write your blog on your computer/iPad, then publish it automatically to your Wordpress blog, then I know of at least two programs which will do that with minimal setup: Ulysses (Mac/iOS) and IA Writer (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android).

Once you’ve set your account up (i.e. given iA Writer/Ulysses your account details and authenticated), you write the text in the app (using Markdown) and then export it to Wordpress (or various other sites such as Medium) in an automated process.

Both are paid apps (Ulysses is subscription, iA Writer one-off payment) but both have free trial periods. Both of them come with markdown tutorials.

Scrivener can do (almost) everything that these two apps can do (and a lot more besides) but it’s a more general tool and requires more setting up. If all you want to do is write and publish blog posts, then Ulysses and iA Writer offer a simple built-in workflow which may meet your needs better.

I used to publish a blog to Wordpress using Scrivener, but essentially what I did was to write it in Markdown in Scrivener using various special styles which were compiled into Wordpress’s syntax and plain html in a plain text file. Then I copied this into Wordpress’s raw editor (not the awful Gutenberg thing they introduced a couple of years ago) and tidied the syntax up there. That was 2 or 3 years ago and I can’t remember the exact details now, sorry. I was happy doing it because I’m comfortable with Scrivener and wanted to learn how to do it, but there’s no doubt that using Ulysses for the same purpose was a lot simpler.

Hope this helps…

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WordPress itself offers software for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can write posts and publish directly to your blogs, as well as administer (change themes, plugins, etc.) It syncs through WP’s servers across all devices.

It also has a Reader function (similar to the old Google Reader) so you can read posts from the blogs you subscribe to.

WordPress software and apps

There is also Mars Edit. MacOS only.

I’ve used iAWriter to post short items directly to WordPress with no fuss at all, but it’s been awhile. I recommend it as a writing app. For our WP site, I’ve found it easiest to 1) write in Scrivener as usual, 2) compile to RTF (not docx, txt, or anything else), which then automatically opens the file in Pages, my default rtf editor, 3) copy and paste from Pages into the WP editor. I’ve had to do very little clean up using this method, but I’m sure it’s clunky, lacks the elegance of direct publishing from iAWriter or Ulysses to WP, and that there are better workflows, which I’d appreciate hearing.

For direct publishing to WP, see my reply (Immediately before yours.) WP itself has desktop and mobile apps, and there is Mars Edit. Links in my reply.

(Although I do have a love/hate relationship with the WP desktop. Currently, it’s off my MacBookAir as for some reason it deleted one of my blogs and I cannot add it back. I can add a new blog, as in starting from scratch, get a new domain and all that, but adding an existing one… no way. And I’ve had this for years, and have done that in the past more than once (Linux and MacOS.) The mobile version is fine. Never had issues with it.)