Words repeated in proximity?

Is there a way to find words that are repeated close together in the text? it’s one of my pet peeves when reading and as I’m writing some (dense) poetry, I need to be sure I’m only using each word once per page (or some other arbitrary bound)

If you search for exact word, then every instance of the word will be visible thru project. Can do multiple words if separate by comma

There is certainly no Scrivener-specific function that would do what you ask, namely flag pairs of identical words that are in close proximity to each other.

I can imagine writing a script to accomplish this for some specifiable word-distance, though excluding all the words you don’t want report on (the,a,is,etc) would be tedious.

In my universe, poetry is a lot about well-considered language use — which in my experience requires a lot of reading and rereading of the text in order to hear what sets and doesn’t set with me. I would think the sort of repetition you are talking about would jump out at me in the process. So, I would never spend the time to write that script.

Pro writer’s aid does have an echo function in it’s desktop app. I believe the free version is limited to editing 500 words at a time, but that might work depending on poem length.


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