Words with hyphens and personal wordlist

Hi folks. Using Scriv 1.9.7.

I am working on a novel (in English) that has some Chinese characters with names that include hyphens. For example, there is a character named Jia-Yi. Of course, Scriv’s dictionary flags this as two incorrect words (“Jia” and “Yi”) (so does Chrome’s as I make this post). Since I am going to be using this character’s name a lot, I’d really rather not have Scriv flag it unless I spell the name wrong, such as Jai-Yi, when I make a typo. Now, I could add the two halves of the name, “Jia,” and “Yi,” to my personal wordlist… But I don’t ever need to use those two syllables of Jia-Yi’s name alone. The only time I will type them is when I type “Jia-Yi” together with the hyphen.

So what I really need to do is have Scriv consider “Jia-Yi” as a single word, including the hyphen. Without the hyphen (JiaYi, Jia Yi) it should be flagged. But with it, I don’t want “Jia-Yi” flagged.

However, if I put Jia-Yi (with the hyphen) into the wordlist, Scriv acts like it’s not there in the list and flags both Jia and Yi. Clearly it considers the hyphen to be equivalent to the space and the two syllables of the name to be separate words.

Is there any way to get Scriv to recognize hyphens as part of the word?


I would very much like to know the solution to this problem. I am writing a book on Bullsh!t and use that spelling and Bullsh!tter and so on. I have the same problem. I am unable to add the full word with that spelling to the dictionary.

Glad to see that I am not the only one who has this need… But it seems like nobody has a solution… Which is frustrating.

I’ve tried various tricks like using quotation marks around the full word but nothing that I have tried seems to work.

It seems rather crazy that Scrivener can’t accept the idea of a mark like a hyphen being part of a word, or heck even an exclamation point. For example what if you were writing a book about the “!Kung” bushmen – which is a tribe in Africa? And yes the “!” is part of the name ("!K" stands for a clicking sound not made in the English language and not capable of being rendered by the 26 letter alphabet).

These are just ascii characters and no one character is any different from the next in terms of bits and bytes in the computer’s memory, so it seems extraordinary to me that one cannot add a string of whatever characters one wants to the spellchecker.

Scrivener V1.9.16.0, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, build 2004

I am also frustrated by this issue. I tried using the non-breaking hyphen U+2011 via the Character Map

Now it seems this character is not in many Windows fonts, but it is in Google Roboto, which I have installed. However, using this character does not affect the spell check result, i.e. it is still a breaking character, which is clearly wrong by definition :frowning: (and, BTW, copy in Character Map and paste in document inserts a new para as well, and even making the whole hyphenated word a single font, instead of sticking a Roboto char in a Calibri word makes no difference to the spell check issue.)

It is especially awkward because if one wishes to avoid spell check warnings on hyphenated words, if one learns the individual elements either side, they may be misspellings if they occur on their own.

Will this be fixed in V3 I wonder?