Wordweb in full screen mode

Hi - I use the Wordweb Thesaurus app all of the time. It works fine with Scrivener when it is in windowed mode but when I switch to full screen it stops working. To use Wordweb you move the cursor over the word you wish to look up then press ctrl and right click. In full screen it’s as if it doesn’t see the word it is hovering over. It sometimes picks up a word but this will be one on the screen “behind” the full screen.

This is a real shame as I like the full screen mode but I can’t use it at present as Wordweb is an essential program for me.

Hi Dacron,

I use WordWeb too. I’ve set it to work on shift+right click, which is the only difference I can see.
When in full screen mode, it works fine for me.

Although ctrl + right click is the default set up for Wordweb - I actually have it set up as alt + right click on this computer (due to a clash with another program).

I’m going to see if I have the same problem with my laptop.

Which OS are you using? I’m on XP.

It’s probably the Alt key that’s messing it up, honestly–FS shortcuts are a little limited and the Alt key doesn’t always work smoothly from there for shortcuts. You might want to try setting up a different shortcut just to see if it works, although I realize habits are hard to break so that may not be an ideal solution for you.

I’ve now tried it with all of the available key combinations and still get the same problem. I have also replicated the problem on my laptop.

Both machines run on XP so I suggest that the problem is with that particular OS.

Unfortunately this renders Scrivener unusable for me in its present form.

I’m going to come in with a later response.

I’ve used WordWeb for several years with several applications. I’m a recent convert to Scrivener. I’ve experienced none of the problems outlined by others posting in this thread. A couple of years back I upgraded to WordWeb Pro because I wanted access to extra dictionaries. I’m unaware of other significant differences between the two versions.

From within WordWeb I can now access: WordWeb’ AusOxford, Chambers, Chambers Thesaurus, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb Online. I’m sure some of these are available though the standard version of WordWeb – I honestly don’t remember. From my point of view, the USD19 to upgrade to Pro, and the minor costs of the extra wordlists were worthwhile.

That’s the background of my experience. Now on to comments which I hope might be of use.

  1. When I switched to Scrivener, my first attempt to integrate WordWeb and Scrivener started with the Scrivener’s toolbars and hot keys. No way could I make Scrivener play ball, although this technique worked with other apps.

  2. I investigated Scrivener to locate an unused hot key combo. I chose Shift+F7. From within WordPro I setup this hot key combo. This works with other apps as well.
    The Ctril+Right Click also works in Scrivener.

No rocket science here, but this works for me. Best of luck.