Workaround re: using imgs for titles & auto-generated TOC

First time posting. I tried to find something in the previous threads but never found precisely what I’m looking for, so here goes.

I would love to be able to use image placeholder tags when creating the “titles” for my chapters/parts, etc. but that is not currently available in the windows version. So, I’m inserting images as chapter titles in the document itself and essentially clearing out the “prefix” data for the generated titles when I compile. This works like a charm, EXCEPT when compiling specifically to .mobi (perhaps .epub, too, haven’t checked it). Then the titles that were essentially turned off are eliminated from the auto-generated Table of Contents as well. As it stands, I can either have the text “Chapter One” (in the “prefix” settings) AND the actual “Chapter One” image, which creates a link in the ToC, OR I can have the “Chapter One” image alone and have no entry in the ToC.

So, the TLDR version: Is there a way that I can use images in the document in place of ordinary titles AND still have folder titles, etc., appear in the generated ToC? Or will I need to go into Calibre or some other program to make sure the ToC appears correctly?

Thanks! Love Scrivener but can’t wait for the Windows version to have some of the Mac features…