Workaround to have Document Notes work as they did in V. 2?

I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 and I am mourning the loss of my document notes. If I’m reading the tutorial and blogs correctly, instead of being able to type notes for each document right into the notes pane as I used to be able to do, I have to create a note and then link to it. That seems clumsy and inefficient. I just want my document notes to be right there. (I typically sketched out each scene in the notes pane so it was right there while I did a draft and I had a record of my original vision without cluttering up the binder with a lot of extra documents.)

Is there a way to do that? Am I misunderstanding the new “improved” notes are now references instructions?

Nothing has changed about Document Notes. :slight_smile: Perhaps you are referring to Project Notes, which are indeed now a part of the binder, rather than being some kind of disconnected entity that has nothing to do with anything, cannot be exported, compiled, referred to in links, and so forth. We do indeed consider it an “improvement” to have this information so fully accessible at this point.

But, as for Document Notes, just hit the same old shortcut v2 used: ⌃⌥⌘N. They are right below the index card.

The text area for document notes is pretty much right where it always was – sitting below the synopsis area. And you can use it just like you always have.


P.S. Perhaps what you are looking at is info on what happened to project notes which have been replaced with the more flexible notion of Project Bookmarks.