Workflow suggestion needed: Append Selection to...


let me outline my problem/ what I intend to do first:

I have document full of quotes and I want to categorize them. Usually I would do that with headings inside the document, but since Scrivener has this slick organization system with cards etc., I wanted to make use of it and set up a number of sub-text files, each with the different categories as its heading. So at first I tried to just drag and drop a selection (I tried to use split view and drag it right into the cards on the cork board (gives the best overview imo), which unfortunately doesn’t work, I had to drag it in the binder). But the dragging really is a drag.
So now I use the right/ctrl click > append selection to… menu. But it still is really sluggish. I would love to use shortcuts, but I failed to set them up in the system preferences menu.

So to cut a long story short, is there a better, smoother workflow — preferably with hotkeys — to do what I want to do? Maybe an entirely different way?


One way of doing it would be:

  1. Use Cmd-K (split at selection from the Documents menu) to cut up the document into the constituent quotes.

  2. Select all the quotes and use Documents > Auto-Generate Synopses so that you can see the beginnings of the quotes in the synopsis.

  3. Load the folder containing the quotes into the corkboard.

  4. Lock the corkboard in place (Opt-Cmd-L).

  5. Drag the cards from the corkboard into folders you’ve set up in the binder.