Workflow tips on converting screenplay to novel?

I have a screenplay written in Final Draft 12. We’re looking to convert this into a novel. I’m NOT looking for advice on how to mechanically import to Scrivener. WHat I would really like is when imported, that Scrivener may look at some of the objects in Final Draft like scenes (INT. EXt., etc.) and at least separate them into something that is relevant for a novel.

Alternatively, I would like prefer to import the screenplay in one window or document in screenplay format, and then drag what I need to the manuscript chapters, scene by scene.

I’m looking for advice on the approach to have the screenplay handy as reference in screenplay format, so I can drag drop things I need to the novel format.


I’ve done this using Scrivener. After much experimentation, this is what I came up with:

  • Import FDX and split at scene headers
  • Put all the FDX scenes in a folder
  • Open a split window - FDX scene in the left pane, New word processing document in the right
  • I type the novel in the right window, while referring to the screenplay in the left.
  • Copying text from the script into the novel is a bad idea - it makes for a poor novel.
  • By retyping the scene, you get a mental rhythm for writing in the novel style.
  • I also calculated how many words in the novel I wanted from how many pages of script.
  • That means I know about how many lines of novel I need to write for every line of script.

YMMV. Good Luck.


Excellent. I will try this approach. Thanks!