Workflow to create ebook from powerpoint sildes

I was wondering if anyone had experience re-using Powerpoint slides for an ebook.

If you just want a quick and dirty portable version of the presentation, the fastest approach will probably be to print to PDF from PowerPoint.

If you want to incorporate images from the presentation into a more standard article or book format, you’ll need to extract them from PowerPoint into a standard image format like JPG, TIFF, or whatever. The best way to do that will depend on what the images are: something that was already an image when incorporated into the presentation – like a photo – should be pretty simple. Charts that were created using PowerPoint’s own tools will be much more painful.


I am working on a textbook based on Keynote slides from lectures. I wrote some scripts to convert them to Markdown, at . If this is what you’re looking for, Keynote can read in the .ppt files just fine.