working between windows and Mac DropBox

I’ve been working on a project using both Scrivener Windows and Scrivener Mac, using Dropbox to save the files. The project still opens in MAc Scrivener, but in Windows I get the message Cannot access blah/ blah /blah.scriv/project.scriv.
File does not exist. the project may have been moved or deleted.

The fact is there is no project.scriv file and the blah.scriv shows in the sxplorer window as 0 size. anyone have any idea what is happening here please?

Are you attempting to open via the recent projects menu or something? I wonder if maybe the project file changed names or something and broke the link. Try using Explorer to navigate to the actual .scrivx file and double-click that to load it.

Also the fact that there is a .scriv folder inside of a .scriv folder doesn’t sound terribly healthy. Can you confirm what the topology looks like in a file manager? Those folders are supposed to be the whole project. You shouldn’t have a project inside of a project like that. It is possible, but in a correct scenario, the imported project would be serial numbered and in the Files/Docs folder. Something like 721.scriv. That would mean you dragged a project folder into the binder at some point, presumably as a reference so you could open it with an “external editor”. Not a common thing to do, but it is possible to do. Having an actual “project.scriv” at the root level of another “something.scriv” folder however is not something that Scrivener would ever do of its own accord. Hence, not healthy.

Tried that, but the .scriv file shows as 0.kb and does nothing. There is also a file called nebraska (*-MacBook’s conflicted copy 2012-01-10)
*being a representation for my name. if i click on that nothing happens either.

Okay, when something has a “conflicted copy” tag on it, that means Dropbox got confused at some point and didn’t know what to do. It means you made changes on both machines at different times and then tried to sync them together. With normal files, like say a .txt file, this is okay because you open both the original the one mark conflicted and see where the differences are, merge them, and then delete the duplicate. In Scrivener that’s a lot more difficult to do.

I’d suggest going to the most recent backup you have that isn’t conflicted like this, on either computer. You can find the backup folders for both by going to Tools/Options on Windows, or Scrivener/Preferences on the Mac. In both cases, click on the Backups tab and you will find a button to load the backups folder in their respective file managers. You might have to poke around a bit in the .zip files and find a copy that works.

When you’ve sorted that all out, you might wish to read this article. It outlines some safe practices for using Dropbox. Like I said, that service has some safeguards that are usually intuitive with single files, but for multi-file programs like Scrivener it can be very difficult to unravel tangles like this. Avoiding them in the first place is your best bet.

Thanks, I found the backup folders, but when I try to open the file i get a message: Location Access Error. Cannot access blah blah … file is not writable, access is denied. Autosave needs write permission to your project.
so how do i give it write permission?
why didn’t i stick with Mac - repeat incessantly…

Sorry, failed to realise i was dealing with zip files. problem fixed. thanks for your help

Okay great. Yeah the backups are zipped by default to save space. Glad you found a good copy.

Thank you god that this exists. otherwise i was as they say in the classics - ****ed.