Working Files

OK, I have the app. I added my copied my working files to Dropbox/Apps/Scrivenor/ and I have synced on the Ipad and they appeared.Great.

So on my MacBook, I must now only work on the files stored in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivenor/ and ignore the old original files. Both Macbook and IPad work on the same dropbox file …is that right? Cheers


Yes, sounds like you’ve got it going right! Normally you’d want to just move your projects (when closed) to the folder within Dropbox that you’ve set up to sync with Scrivener on iOS, rather than copying them. iOS will only see and edit the version within Dropbox, so any changes you make to the other copy on your desktop won’t be part of the iOS-syncing project–you’ve got two separate copies of the project on your computer now, the same as if you had saved in your Documents and then saved a copy of it to your Desktop.

To avoid confusion, I’d suggest backing up your project as a zip archive (to your backup drive or wherever you normally store backups) and then deleting the non-Dropbox copy of the project, so you don’t accidentally open and edit it later. Otherwise you may at least want to rename that version so that it’s clear to you, even when you see them out of their folder context, which is which.