Working from my new MacBook Pro M1 with Big Sur

Just to let everyone know, I went ahead and got the new MacBook Pro with the Apple M1 chip, preloaded with Big Sur. Everything in Scrivener is working great! Love the speed, screen clarity, extra memory, and disk space compared to my old (2015) MacBook.

Me too. I upgraded from a late 2016 MPB and now that I feel the keyboard I can’t believe I waited this long.

Funny you should mention the keyboard. For me, that is my least favorite thing. The other keyboard was quieter (especially if on your lap - not to bad on a table).

I also don’t like the “sound” the system makes when you press (not tap) on the track pad. I never trained myself to tap, but I will now because I can’t stand the constant little noise. I’ve searched and searched but can’t find a way to turn that off.

All things considered, though - I LOVE it.

You wouldn’t like my setup then. I have a mechanical keyboard that clatters away, positively soothing :smiley:

I got my M1 Mac mini (16GB Ram 1TB SSD) on Nov 25.

Scrivener 3.2.1 works perfectly.

Quick benchmark. Compiled a project which includes 20 or so images and is about 70,000 words. Compare performance to my 2018 Mac mini (core-i7, 64GB ram, 512GB SSD).

Compile to epub:

2018 Mac mini, intel core-i7: 8.3 seconds
2020 M1 Mac mini: 6.6 seconds

Compile to pdf:

2018 Mac mini, intel core-i7: 12 seconds
2020 M1 Mac mini: 8.9 seconds

So, for compiles I am seeing about 25% improvement over my core-i7 machine.