Working offline

Right now I work on my Mac Mini and my iPad mini with Scrivener. But I’m thinking of getting a MacBook pro to replace the usage with Scrivener of both of those. My main file, I save to the cloud (via Dropbox) and I do the backup locally. (I think most people do the opposite). So how would it work if I had a Macbook pro and I have the same setup, but I’m offline?

The same way.
The Dropbox app will upload any changes when you get online.

What you do right now is to actually save locally and then the app uploads to the dropbox server. So always have everything in two places. Locally on your hard drive and on the dropbox server.

I to save my backups locally but Time Machine makes sure that they are backed up.

No, I do exactly the same as you - the main project is in Dropbox but the backup zips are local. Seems to work fine. (Then again, I’m never offline, but I don’t think that matters - Dropbox will sync as soon as you’re back online).

What I meant was that everything that is saved on Dropbox is always saved locally on your HD in the designated Dropbox folder.

Yes, that’s true of course. Having a dedicated Dropbox folder does tend to sometimes blind me to the fact that it is ever-present on my HD!