Working on multiple computers newbie question

Hi gang!
I’ve been doing some reading on the Forum and I 've read the manual, thing is I am not totally convinced I got it right.

I am working on my PhD. Right now, I use Scrivener to deal with the extensive reading I’m doing and to take/manage notes. As a historian, I have a huge digital library comprising of digitized books, archives in pdf or jpegs…

My main concern is that I am working on a netbook (hackintoshed Dell) for taking notes at the library with Scrivener installed.
At home I am on a MacBook, on vacation I read on an Ipad, I also have a Dropbox account.

Let’s say I want to work on my notes at home, and import the ones I took at the library on my netbook.
Should I sync via dropbox and then reimport that file in order to update my MacBook file?

As I said, stupid question but …


Just put your project in your Dropbox folder, and edit it from there. I’d also set up automatic zipped backups so that they back up locally to whatever machine you’re working on when you quit Scrivener.

There’s a good thread that explains the steps you should keep in mind (can’t seem to find it now… odd*), the gist of which is:
Always close your project when you are done editing on any of your computers.
Always allow dropbox to synchronize after you exit Scrivener. If you don’t have net access at a particular place, take your computer where it does, and let the sync happen.
Always allow dropbox to sync up recent changes before opening the project in Scrivener

If you follow that set of steps, you just have to let Drobox do it’s thing, and there’s no need to import/export/folder sync.