Working on two computers AND mobile

Is there a graceful way to set it up so I can work on a desktop and laptop running Windows/Scrivener 3 and Android phone/Jotterpad? Having checked the KB and forum, this seems to be beyond the capabilities built into Scrivener and if so, I’m sure I can work something out, but I’m hoping someone has worked out a process, and can help me out here.

The Android device prevents the easy 3-way sync.

A number of people have posted workarounds in the past, though they are just that, workarounds.

Get an iPhone/iPad if you want an immediate, seamless solution, otherwise, search for the workarounds and hope for an eventual Android Scrivener.

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There is almost no sync capability in Scrivener at all; it simply cooperates with Dropbox to a degree. On iOS, it calls on Dropbox to sync project files. On other platforms, there’s a bit of error checking of a Dropbox sync, but again, Dropbox does the synchronization.

Scrivener does have the File▸Sync▸with external folder... menu command, which does a manual sync to a folder of RTF files. If you find an Android app able to open that structure, you’d have a chance of getting what you want.

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I use two desktop Windows 10 implementations, and one Laptop with Windows 10.
I use OneDrive, do not have open projects on more than one computer at a time, and make sure I sync before I edit a project on another computer.

This has worked without error for several years.

I have always had issues trying to use DropBox.

I only wish they would bring back the Linux implementation, as I am leaving Windows soon. Microsoft is getting too intrusive and gathering internal personal data in the OS, that I never agreed to, and am now having to ferret out issues with every update.
Microsoft, and Google, are real evil.

Hope that helps.

You could always go Mac and be rid of those issues and get the best version of Scrivener (sorry but Mac Scrivener is still a little better than Win V3 IMHO).

I believe dropping Linux support was a commercial decision (not enough paying customers).

All that said you can get Win V3 running on Linux via Wine/Crossover but personally a royal pain in the proverbial.

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Working with multiple desktops isn’t really the problem, it’s working with multiple desktops AND Android. The File>Sync>with External Editor only works when syncing from a single machine, which is my problem, as ideally, I’d like to somehow sync for mobile use from more than one desktop without switching to Mac which is imply cost prohibitive.