Working with an editor

I plan on working with an editor. My book is in many small parts on Scrivener. The editor does not have a Mac (and can’t run Scrivener). The book is not finished so I don’t want to export it and then just work from word. What would be the best workflow for working with another person?


Definitely search the tips & tricks and usage boards. This topic has been discussed a number of times and quite extensively.

Usually editors at publishing houses want to see an entire draft, not bits and pieces. If by “editor” you mean a collaborator who helping you edit, the quickest way to move a piece of text in Scrivener is: put the cursor inside the item, Copy All, then open a window in Word and Paste. Mail that file to the editor and ask him/her to Track Changes. You accept or reject the changes, then drag the Word file to Scriv. You could label each revised chunk with a -rev suffix, like ch 1-rev. [Amber is right; check the forum for many other tips about export and import.]