Working with large *.scriv folders

I have a Scrivener project folder which I have been using for the past ten years or so as a repository for notes concerning the various sources that I work on as a scholar. This has always worked well. By allowing me to organise, edit and look up information in one and the same interface, Scrivener has saved me a lot of time over the years.

Recently, though, I have noticed that the individual files within this project folder have become substantially slower to load. To illustrate, there is one text that can take up to ten seconds to appear when I click on it in the Binder window.

I could likely improve the loading times of the worst offenders by splitting them into smaller files, but I was wondering if what I was seeing was the effect of certain optimisations not yet being in place. These files are not, ultimately, ‘massive’. The one that is the slowest to load is 1.45 MB in size and contains a few images in addition to the text itself.

Here is some further information on the folder and my computer:

Total project folder size: 23.1 megabytes.


Intel i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.4 Ghz
16 Gigabytes of RAM
Intel SSD Hard Drive
AMD Vega 56 desktop graphics card via proprietary PCIE-3 slot.

I’m on the Mac and see the same. I have 5300 files in one project. Splitting the files down doesn’t work–that’s where I started. A mix works, though.

Thank you for your reply!

What do you mean when you say a ‘mix’ works? I’d like to try out your approach on my Windows PC.

Many thanks in advance!

I mean a mix of larger files with smaller ones.

Ah, thanks!

@ Literature & Latte - are any optimisations or changes that will speed up loading times when working with larger *.scriv folders planned?

Some of us reported this as a general issue with Beta 10. The word I used was “sluggish.” It’s promised to be fixed next Beta version.

See … sh#p275299

And it seems to be hit and miss; some of us experience it, others do not.