Working with *.scriv files inside Devonthink database

Hi all. I am trying to re-organize my digital life using Devonthink, and was wondering if there is any drawback or problem with storing scrivener “files” inside Devonthink databases: storing, opening, modifying them (using Scrivener).
This would be a “database inside another database” and I have some fear of doing anything wrong. Does anyone work this way?
Thanks for the help.

I’ve never had any problems with that, myself. DEVONthink is a lot like Scrivener in the sense that it can act as a container for your files, and like Scrivener it has built-in support of Mac conventions to display and work with bundle style formats as a single file (so yes, a database within a database :slight_smile: ). When viewed in DTP, you’ll get the Quick Look preview for the .scriv project, which shows the outline brief. Simply use the Data/Open With/Scrivener (default) menu command (or Shift-Cmd-O) to work on your project.

Thank you for the quick reply. I think DTP and Scrivener are going to be good friends :smiley: