working with templates

Hi there
Very new to Scrivener so still playing around. This is very simple but I wanted to use the character sketch template provided as the basis for my own. I can’t seem to turn off the invisible character/formatting marks. I know it lives under view and then text editing but when i try switching it on and off does nothing to the template. Do I need to save as first and create a new template before I can adjust it?

Character sketches are nothing but text files. They don’t contain view settings or any setting pertaining to other documents. If “show invisibles” WERE a document setting, it would probably be under Document, not View.

Change the view setting when you want to change it.

I recommend never changing it, though. Leave it on all the time, but make the marks less obtrusive with a less noticeable color at File->Options->Appearance->Textual Marks->Color->Invisible Characters.