World Of Warcraft - Cataclysm (New Xpac Coming Out)

Any questions?

I started playing Minecraft a month or two ago and that cured my WoW addiction like a shot. Question is, how do I break my Minecraft habit? :wink:

I’ll probably check Cata out, but I’ve been doing crazy things work-wise all over the place lately and I’ve welcomed the opportunity to rediscover my writing. While waiting for (and sitting on) aeroplanes in Dubai, France, Ireland and the USA recently I’ve made wonderful progress on my current project, which, if it continues as it has lately, will be of full novel length next year sometime. Long live the oh-so-slender Macbook Air. It’s the perfect companion to the travelling writer.

I’m also more excited about Scriv 2.0 than I am about Cata!