Wot no iPhone 5 thread?

Mine was delivered on Friday and I love it already. Mind you, I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms as I’ve been without a phone since my 4S went for a swim while I was on holiday in Austria in August - it’s really rather scary how much I use my iPhone (typically not as a phone so much), especially when I refused to have one for so many years and only caved a few months ago.

The most significant difference is the weight - it really does feel a lot lighter than the 4S. Other than that, and iOS 6 (basic rich text support at last!), I’m not sure there’s much here that would have tempted me to get one so soon had it not been for the demise of my old phone. I was slightly peeved, too, that there was no 30-pin adapter provided for free. The UK store clearly stated that one would be provided when we went through the order process, but it turns out that was a “mistake”:

discussions.apple.com/thread/42 … 0&tstart=0

news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57513 … r-for-you/

Grr. And now I have to wait until next month as they’re out of stock. First-world problems…

All the best,

P.S. Yes, you read right, this post was just pointless “Look at me, I got an iPhone 5, aren’t I special, na-na-na-na-na-naa” drivel.

But young Master Kevin, we already think and know you’re very special :wink:

Sorry you’re without confreres on the ip-hone matter. Fluff and I likely won’t help all that much. Like to temper your dismay with a couple paragraphs of sympathy and camaraderie, but, well, I’m a bit confused by your post. (To begin with, I’m not sure what an ip-hone is — some sort of sharpening implement?)

Oh, wait, I see; in context, it must be some sort of telephone, right? But what’s that about a 45? Only 45 I’m familiar with is made by Colt; you sure don’t want your phone as heavy at one of them.

Oh, oh, wrong again. It’s a 4S you mentioned. Sorry for the confusion. And that 30-pin adapter. Why would you want a telephone adapted to thirty pins? Sure it wasn’t supposed to be thirty pints?

It’s all very confusing. I’m sorry to have intruded. Be well, and happy iphoning.


Just ignore him Kev, it looks as though Phil’s been on Mammy Jameson’s nipple again :frowning: tch!tch!


HEY!!! Look who’s talking! Got more techie gadgets than Walmart jeeezz!

I managed to hold an iPhone 5 for a couple of minutes yesterday and it was definitely lighter than my 4S (held in the other hand for comparison). I was impressed. The owner of said iPhone 5 gushed almost as much Keith - I feigned death to get away, but he just took a photo of my corpse to show me how fast the camera was and the quality of the images in low-light conditions. :unamused:

As for Fabian socialists, I was reliably informed in 1996 that the world was going to end in the year 2000 “because of the Fabians”. The proof? Well Bob Hawke (former Australian Prime Minister) was a Fabian and Paul wrote about the Fabians in his letters to the Corinthians - it was all explained to her on a tape recording made by a policeman. And no, I did not make this up.

The iPhone 5 is really nice for a widescreen candy bar touch screen smart phone. iOS 6 really shines in its refinements and it looks like Siri is reaching adolescents - still not a young adult yet but I think with some more voice samples on their servers and request data throughout the year she will be make her young adult debut next year on the Apple Television.

The adapter revision is nice now that they no longer need to support Firewire since it is going defunct and apple is heading towards Thunderbolt as the the future default port with adapters for older technology. The new Maps is young but rather impressive for a “1.0” release. Local searches and mass transit are still lacking but should be forthcoming.

Trully though nothing was more impressive than the “MacBook Wheel” release a few years back.
theonion.com/video/apple-int … -no,14299/


and of course for those that remember “We can rebuild him.”
Substitute Steve with iPhone

Yes, but no Austrian vacation in August.
Yesterday the iPhone failed to save pictures, and the Kindle Fire won’t charge.
Just feeling a little envy, 'tis all. :mrgreen:

I know, I know, I plead guilty, what can I say. (I had two horrible revelations recently. On holiday I had our towels on the sun-beds by 9am and was feeling very smug that I had beaten all those dreadful people who get to the sun-beds early to put their towels down, and on Friday I was feeling smug that I had gotten in early and beaten a lot of those awful Apple fanboys to getting an iPhone 5 on the day of release. In both cases my smugness was short-lived as I realised that I hadn’t beaten anyone. Still, my “What have I BECOME?” moment was short-lived, too, as the sun-beds were in rather nice spots and my iPhone means that I can no longer think for anything more than short bursts before referring to Wikipedia or IMDB.)

Glad to know that younger pups also have this problem.
And given what I saw of Brit weather this summer, you were wise to look for :bulb: elsewhere.

Imdb is my primary medication for avoiding total memory loss. I just wish it included people I vaguely recognise from Uni, work and various pubs.

Let’s face it - you’ve gone from “gruff and quirky” to … GERMAN.

Alright, not too much change there.

And: After using iPhone for almost all the time it’s been available, I’m now seduced by the Galaxy Note 2. Hell is freezing over everywhere in this place. MADNESS!

Well, don’t keep us in suspense… did it?

I literally just laughed out loud.

But to answer your question: No. At least not, as best as I can tell, because of the Fabians…

I spent New Years Eve in 1999 in the Command Centre for our Y2K Emergency Response – the most fun I’ve had with a date since Maisie Tucker in the fifth form behind the bike sheds. Although that was 25 years before Y2K.

I’m fairly sure the world’s being going downhill ever since…