Would anyone want to experience a Long Form Q&A with the scrivener manual?

Would anyone want to experience a Long Form Q&A (GPT 3.5) with the scrivener manual?
To Keith: Would you object to a no charge demo?

I’m also interested in adding GPT to Scrivener directly to help authors share their thoughts with the AI as an aide to their personal writing process.

Drop me a line with your thoughts, and a way to contact.
All comments welcome.

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Hello. I don’t understand your proposal. I think that each author has his own working methods and that is respectable. However, I don’t quite like the social tendency to apply everything new that is invented to all facets of our lives. It seems that even the intellectual sector is moved by new trends.

Scrivener is a writing program and is geared towards writer productivity, it is not an interface that connects to a server to receive requested data. You can use a separate program, but I don’t see the need to add external and dependent functions from third-party companies when there are more suitable means to do so. Personally, I consider it counterproductive to take unverified data or arguments and delegate any kind of intellectual work to a learning model.



Business proposals should be sent through our support system, here:


Thank you for responding.
I understand your perspective and I share some aspects of it.

What I envision is a type of advanced tool, much like a spell check or thesaurus or even a word processor as scrivener itself is.

Some authors might benefit from resources such as title suggestions, style enforcements, character consistency, continuity, and many other document details authors have to manage and keep track of.

It might be a little more convenient if a user doesn’t have to leave scrivener, use a different tool and copypasta back in.

AFAIK Nothing like this has ever been done so it is hard to make comparisons.

Like any resource, an author can use it or not use it as she sees fit.
But if the need arises, it might be great to have it available.

Feel free to comment more. I’m looking for all sorts of feedback.

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This leaves me scratching my head and feeling a bit bewildered, but perhaps I haven’t had enough coffee today. :innocent: What exactly are you suggesting?

AI-related requests have already been made on the forum, here and here. Are you suggesting something different from those threads?


Hi Jim:
Thanks for responding.
Are you an owner of L&L?
If not, what is your relationship to them?

FYI - the initial proposal is to take the pdf of the scrivener manual (400 pages) and enter it into a LLm so that a visitor can ask a question about scrivener and get an answer without having to hit exactly on keyword search terms.

Does that help?

Thanks for pointing out those threads

The posters are on the right track, but the potential of ai services is far greater.

As a wild example, imagine an advanced ai resource able to hypnotize an author with their consent to work for many more hours creating than they would otherwise be able to.

Imagine the ai resource being able to reformulate the material so that the reader is hypnotically compelled to keep reading and when finished, buy the next document in the series.

The impact of AI is nearly incomprehensible.

@JimRac is a Scrivener user.

I am an L&L employee, but am not authorized to negotiate business agreements on behalf of the company. As I said, the best way to contact people who can is via our support system.

You know that isn’t how hypnosis works, right?

Even if it did, I think most people would view being compelled to do something by an AI as a bug, not a feature.


Then you know that it’s not possible to hypnotize someone to do things they would normally find objectionable, and that large percentages of the population are not suggestible at all.


As a member of the L&L tech-support team, I suspect that this wouldn’t be as useful as it might seem at first glance.

Sure, finding a specific passage in the manual can be helpful if a prospective buyer wants to know if Scrivener can do X function or be used for Y kinds of writing.

However, given the wide range of use-cases for Scrivener and the nitty-gritty details of each project, I would think a lot of users would still need to contact tech-support for guidance on how to implement one of the features or settings.


well, the idea is to find out what works and what doesn’t.
Maybe you are totally correct, and maybe not totally.
Would L&L want to find out ?
Would it hurt?

I don’t want to kick a hornet’s nest, but time does march on.

I have routed the business proposal you sent to the help desk to the appropriate department. They’ll follow up directly if they’d like to discuss your proposal in greater detail.

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Thank you very much.

To bolster kewms’s comments, I’d cite Psychology Today, which notes:

“Contrary to popular belief, people under hypnosis are in total control of themselves and would never do anything they would normally find highly objectionable.”

It also notes,

“Also, it’s a fact that not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis. Some people seem to possess a trait called “hypnotizability” that, like other traits, varies greatly among individuals. To be successfully hypnotized, a person must want to undergo the process voluntarily and also possess at least a moderate degree of hypnotizability.”

That’s from this article.

And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Thank you for the reference but Psychology Today is not an authority on the the capabilities of hypnosis.
It is more of a populist echo chamber actually promoting misconceptions under the guise of not promoting them…

Hypnosis can allow a surgeon to perform surgery without anesthesia.
it can allow a demagogue to control an entire population.
It can cause you to miss the upcoming exit on the highway.
It can cause you to vote for an incompetent in an election.
It can cause you to read an author’s creation that you can’t put down.

Everyone is susceptible.
it is the fundamental method of human communication.

take some courses and learn what it is really about rather than relying on what others tell you
(including me)

If you’d like to discuss hypnosis further, that would be appropriate in our And Now for That Latte forum: And Now For That Latte - Literature & Latte Forums

It’s off topic here.

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Given that subliminal advertising has been banned in the US, UK and Australia for 70 years now, I suspect this proposal could get people into a little bit of trouble.

I can only imagine the impact if we allowed that sort of behaviour affect reader decisions to purchase. Scrivener itself would be hugely affected:

Big issues with industry regulators
Unquantifiable public relations problems
You will lose downstream media support
Some quality issues as sales goals drive content
Confidence in author integrity would drop
Apple app store rejection or restrictions
People would avoid works created on this software
Previously loyal customers would abandon it
Less revenue
Extra costs


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You don’t think that purposefully designing media to manipulate an audience into making purchasing decisions without their realising has anything to do with subliminal advertising? Ok!

That really wouldn’t leave me with much now would it? :crazy_face: