Hi everybody!

I have been using Scrivener for about a year and and a half now and I really love it. I honestly think that my book would never have actually happened without this amazing piece of software. Thank you for helping me share my imagination with people.

Oh, and by the by - I’m a writer!

amazon.com/Wracked-Louis-Pus … 039&sr=8-5


Thanks Jaysen!

Congratulations Louis,
Good Luck with the novel.

A town called, ‘Yellow Liver’ ? A bit jaundiced init :smiley: [size=85]sorry about that[/size]

I just read the few pages that Amazon.com gives you. Very nice work. :slight_smile: I will buy it this weekend. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Thanks Thelgord!

Having just read the Amazon pages mentioned by Thelgord:

I`m inclined to agree with both of you. :wink:
take care