Wrap Text around Image

Is there a way to wrap text around an image?

When I import an RTF document the text that is wrapped around images gets placed below the image.


“Images in Scrivener are added inline, so they’re treated like a character as far as word-wrapping goes. Which means that text does not wrap around the image. To resize an image, right-click and choose Edit Image (Windows) or Scale Image (Mac).”

Source: gwenhernandez.com/2013/05/28/tec … scrivener/

I saw that article before I purchased the program. I wish it did wrap. Maybe a future release?

There are no plans to add wrapping around images, at least not for the next major iteration - this is something left to dedicated word processors, as Scrivener isn’t intended to be a full page layout tool.

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My thanks to you all for your much appreciated advice. I guess that it’s 'back to the drawing board then; but, where there’s a will there’s usually a relative :slight_smile:; and , who knows maybe, eventually, I’ll start to enjoy that waterfall. Seriously, I really do appreciate the prompt replies to my query.

Sorry for the necro post, but since 6 years have passed, I’d rather ask again, Is this statement still valid? No text wrapping around pictures is to be expected, even with limited capabilities? :unamused:

That is correct. There’s been no change.

“KB” is the creator and lead developer of Scrivener. If he says something is out of scope, that’s pretty much the final word.


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Apologies for my lack of familiarity with the LL support logs, but I assume (when using Latex) the “Wrap Text around Image” issue is a non-issue when using the \begin{wrapfigure} and \includegraphics commands to do so?

Correct. In that case you are post-processing Scrivener’s output using another tool, and that tool can do whatever it wants.