Wrapping text to images?

I searched the Scrivener .pdf and the web, and for the life of me I couldn’t find a single mention of this. I added an image to a document, and I could not find any way to wrap the text to it. It only lets me resize it, leaving huge gaping white voids all around the frame. Is text-wrapping not a feature in Scrivener? If not, does anyone have any recommended solutions or workarounds?

Love the product, by the way. Downloaded the trial a weeks ago to write a few final papers for last term, and I’m hooked. First time I’ve ever written an entire paper from draft to final without printing a hard copy (much less the ten that I usually print.) I’ll be buying the full version as soon as my financial aid disperses next week. Can’t wait to use it for my personal writing.

Scrivener isn’t a word processor in the traditional, MS-Word sense of that term. Its many features and tools are designed for getting your drafts right in the most efficient way possible – although it does have formatting and some layout functionality.

For more complex layouts, the recommendation is that you compile your project into a format for your favourite word processor, and polish it there.

Awesome, thanks for the info. Guess I’ll just run it through Pages after compiling whenever I want to get an image in there.

Be aware that Pages is not the most text-format friendly app out there … in particular its RTF import is seriously lacking. So if your text is going to contain footnotes, images, comments, etc. Pages won’t see them if you try to import an RTF file. RTF is the best export format from Scrivener, supporting all those extras, as Keith has done a lot to extend what that format will include.

Also be aware that if you export to .doc from Scrivener, what you are creating is an RTF file with a Word creator code … perfectly legal, but Pages can’t read it, though Word and OpenOffice clones can. Exporting to binary .doc from Scrivener uses the Apple exporter which doesn’t cover all the bases.

So if you’re going to use Pages for final formatting, the best option is to export from Scrivener as RTF, open that in Word and re-save as .doc, or in one of the OpenOffice flavours or Nisus Writer Pro and export to binary .doc. Then open that binary .doc in Pages.

Hassle, yes … then write to Apple to complain about the poor quality of their RTF importer in Pages!


Although if your document has no footnotes, you can export as RTFD, as Pages imports RTFD files and doesn’t drop images from them as it does with RTF.

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