Write or die functionality?

I’ve recently begun using the remarkably simple and effective motivational tool at this website: lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html

Essentially, you set a word-count goal or a time limit, and once you start writing, you have to continue. If you stop typing, the screen starts warning you by growing an increasingly ominous red, and if you pause for too long, it starts playing any one of a number of godawful sounds. That’s in regular mode. In kamikaze mode, it starts erasing what you’ve already written!

It seems goofy, but it works remarkably well. Problem is, all you can do in the web application is plain text. That’s great when I’m writing prose, but when I’m writing scripts in my beloved Scrivener, it’s all too easy to just do anything BUT write, as I’m sure my fellow scribes will understand.

The code for the web application seems relatively simple; is there any way a similar function could be incorporated into future versions of Scrivener? I feel like it would fit well with the slightly funky and eccentric feel of the program, and god knows it’d help me get things done…

I have heard of that program, and it does sound fun. However, with regards to Scrivener… I don’t really think it is Scrivener’s job to provide motivation or force its users to write. Don’t get me wrong, I could do with a big kick up the backside myself, but I think this sort of thing is not really within Scrivener’s remit…
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It sounds like the sort of thing that would make a plugin, if Scriv ever were to support those :slight_smile: (And no, that isn’t a request.)

Write or Die seems to be right on the border between novelty and potentially useful application. Especially the threat to erase what you’ve written if you don’t keep moving. Yikes!

Of course, you can get around it by tapping the spacebar occasionally while you’re thinking.

How about something that turns off internet access?

Are you seeking Freedom? [url]Freedom from internet addiction]


Oh, please, no.

A tool like this might help to get through a momentary block, but they should be considered like medicine: Take them when you’re sick, not as part of your daily nutrition.

Basically, the motivation to write should come from the story you have in mind. That’s my understanding. If even the writer has to artificially motivate himself to write that thing, who will ever read it? (Maybe someone’s going to invent a “read or die functionality”, but then I’m out of the game… :imp: )

Every serious writer I know must rather be motivated to get out of his (or her) chair, not the other way round… :wink:

I’m sure it’s fun as an exercise, but the last thing I need or want is nagging.

In my experience, wishing for external nudging, especially the extreme kind, is just another form of avoidance. In something like this, it would be avoiding thinking about why we are not doing something we should find pleasurable.

The Write or Die functionality sounds interesting, I think I’ll try that program for the next NaNo.

Having an optional “Words per Hour:” calculation displayed in the statistics bar would be nice - motivational without nagging.

It’s the only feature request I can think of after a year of Scrivener use. 8)

I’m of the mindset that a stick is less desirable than a carrot, or in this case, a kitten: writtenkitten.net/

Feature Request: It would be fun and generative to have an option to turn on “Dangerous” mode for a number of minutes, making your text disappear if you stop typing—a la Squibler and Write or Die.