Write Room like interface


I’m aquatinted with the full screen editor in Scrivener, but I was wondering if it is possible to have a green on black interface like the one in Write Room.



Check out the Preferences (i.e. the answer is “Yes, absolutely” :slight_smile: ).
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Of course it is! Check out the preferences for full screen.


This is how I have mine. I really like the extent to which the full screen view can be customised with Scrivener.

As an aside:

Once you have it set up the way you like, you can save your preferences so that if the Scrivener preference file becomes corrupted you can easily just load your saved one.

You’ll see a pop up menu at the bottom with “Manage” written on it. I have a folder set up to keep copies of Scrivener preferences so I can easily save the there.

Thanks to all.

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Lightly Coloured Text against a Dark Screen

I think I am now going to go about for a week using the phrase “lightly coloured text against a dark screen” as a synonym for Modern People! Good write-up, by the way. I’ve always felt that familiarity had much more to do with the full screen Mac phenomena than any readability studies or colour theories which were touted about for a while.

Black text on white paper is default because of paper color and ink color.

Studies have shown that reversing that (white text on black) is better for high contrast and easier on the eyes and helps people with strained eyesight.

In fact it has been an option on Macs for quite some time.

Want to see something wild just go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES. Click on UNIVERSAL ACCESS. Make sure you are under the SEEING tab and then look at display. You can check WHITE on BLACK and now your whole Mac system wide is reversed for higher contrast. you can also switch between the two by clicking CMD+OPT+CNTRL+8

YOu can also switch to grayscale and adjust the contrast as well.

You should note that it reverses all colors, not simply black and white. As a friend explained back in the Precambrian, to justify her purchase of a color TV set, “it’s cheaper than pot, and legal.”