WriteItNow vs Scrivener

Hi all. Has anyone here done a thorough comparison of WriteItNow vs. Scrivener?

I am about to buy one or the other. I have been using Copywrite and ditched it. I changed to StoryMill and am about to ditch it.

I love the look and feel on Scrivener but my concern is that it does not have the scope of WriteItNow e.g. timelines, and separate folders for Characters, Locations etc (although I guess these couple be made in the Binder).

Like any writer, I suppose, I am looking for an easy-to-use program that allows me to organise all aspects of my novel (characters, locations, scenes etc) into one easy-to-navigate package.

The advice of anyone here would be greatly appreciated.


While you’re waiting for fresh responses, you might look at the 18 previous comments on WriteItNow. Just enter that string in the search box, above.

I guess it is obvious that I am new to using Internet forums.

Thanks very much druid!

From my perspective (as the developer of Scrivener), I would say that the obvious difference is that while WriteItNow is very rigid in that it is designed solely for writing novels and with a particular workflow in mind, Scrivener is much more fluid and designed in such a way that you can set it up however you want it (you can add a “Characters” folder for character sheets and so on if you want). That’s not a criticism of WriteItNow, mind - that’s the way it is designed to work, so your choice will really depend on whether you want something more structured from the get-go, or something that allows you to find and define your own structure.

I tried all of these different applications before I decided to develop Scrivener, and for me, WriteItNow just had too many forms to fill in and seemed to make everything overly complicated - but that’s just me. (I’m also not a big fan of non-native software - I much prefer a Mac-native interface, but again, that’s just a personal preference.) Scrivener doesn’t force any particular workflow, or ask you to fill in any forms or suchlike, any more than Word. So it depends on how much you want that side of things done for you, I guess.

Certainly you can keep all of your information about locations and characters in Scrivener, though. Just set up some top-level folders for them (2.0 - out next year - will allow you to assign custom icons to such folders, too). And you can also bring in web pages, PDF files and images for reference alongside your writing.

So I suppose the best thing to do is just spend some time in the trials of each - remember Scrivener gives you 30 non-consecutive days of use, so the trial only counts down the days you actually use it - and see which one fits the way you work best. (Hmm, although checking, it seems that WriteItNow doesn’t allow you to save anything in its trial version, which would make it hard to test it out properly.)

Thanks for trying, and good luck in finding the tool that works for you (and remember that if neither quite do it for you, our links page provides links to other software that might).

All the best,

Thanks very much for your time spent replying Keith. I have now tried both products with this information in mind and I can see what you mean.

I will be purchasing Scrivener tonight.

Both the interface and the forum community that comes with it makes this a winner.

Kind regards


Thanks Shaun, much appreciated! Glad you chose Scrivener!
Thanks again and all the best,


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