WriteRoom Update & SimpleText.ws (iPhone)

WriteRoom for the iPhone was just updated, and the sync service was changed from WriteRoom.ws to SimpleText.ws. Since the current version (1.52/1.53) of Scrivener uses WriteRoom.ws I see two options/possibilities:

  • WriteRoom allows you to choose your syncing server, so… just change the server back to WriteRoom.ws.
  • Maybe there was a good reason for the change (perhaps WriteRoom.ws is being retired?), so we should sit tight for a Scrivener update.

I don’t see a way to update the syncing service in Scrivener, but maybe I missed it.

Keith, what is the recommended way to proceed?



See this thread. The next version minor version of Scrivener will be updated to adjust for this change.

Thanks, Amber.


Yes, for now change back to writeroom.ws in WriteRoom for the iPhone. As Amber says, 1.54 addresses this, which will be out in the next couple of weeks. 1.54 allows you to choose between simpletext.ws (the default), writeroom.ws, or set up your own server if you are running your own service.

The reason behind the change is that Jesse wants to use it for more apps than just WriteRoom, and it is now open-source so you can self-host if you don’t like the idea of your notes sitting on his server.

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The self-hosting option is pretty cool. Thanks for the info, Keith.


I don’t suppose you could give you a simple tutorial on how to self-host our notes?
I love this idea, but I’m not sure how to do it.

Thanks so much.

I’m afraid you would have to ask Jesse that, or check out the hogbaysoftware.com site to see what is already there, as the simpletext.ws engine is entirely his. He’s very helpful so I’m sure he could point you in the right direction.
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Thanks very much.

I wrote a guide on how to self-host a Simpletext.ws engine that works with Writeroom.Iphone. Here is the general info about it:

And here is the direct link to my guide:
knol.google.com/k/jon-skovron/ho … keb16uw/1#

AND i just realized that you can, in fact, customize the import URL from Scrivener with 1.54 yipee!

It appears that after the last update of WriteRoom (just days ago I think), the server software at the soon to be defunct writeroom.ws is no longer supported by the app. So we’re all supposed to leave that sinking ship behind and either self host or change to simpletext.ws - but alas, it appears Scrivener 1.53 won’t let me do that. Will 1.54 be out soon? :slight_smile:

Soon-ish. Unfortunately work on 2.0 has delayed 1.54. I know that may sound backwards, but for various reasons I have to finish some code on 2.0 before I can finish off the 1.54 update. I’m hoping to finish of 1.54 next week or the week after though. In the meantime, if you need to use simpletext.ws, download the version of Scrivener from this page:


That version is halfway between 1.53 and 1.54 and can sync with SimpleText.ws. Although that was a special trial that expired on the 7th December, it will continue to work for registered users.

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Awesome! Thanks!