Writers & Artists Yearbook

I have a question. I’m considering purchasing the Writers & Artists Yearbook. 2010 out now would cost me £9.66. 2011 out June 30th would cost me £11.49. Is there much difference between the two editions? Any advice about the articles in them?

Thank you in advance.

Both have lovely full-page Scrivener adverts in them. Sorry, that’s all I know. :slight_smile:

All the best,

P.S. But you may as well hold out for 2011 - I have 2010 and I don’t recall any especially great articles in it compared to previous years.

Sorry to be pedantic - but my question is: what do you need it for?

If you’re about to approach a list of agents or publishers and you need up-to-date contact details, wait for the latest edition. If you just want a sense of the industry, any recent edition will do.

Personally, for the sake of less than the price of a decent pint of beer/glass of wine, I’d wait. (I buy the latest and pass on old editions to all those people who ask “How do you go about publishing a book?”)


To Hugh,

A bit of both actually if that makes sense.

I’m hoping to move forward with my writing. I’d like to get published, but need to research the industry first.

I hope I am making sense.

In that case, I should certainly wait and get the new edition.