Writers who use Scrivener?

Am I mis-remembering, or does the writer of “Black Mirror” use Scrivener?

[size=70]And y’all sure do political scandal. Wow. Wasn’t quite sure if I were dreaming, or actually awake and reading Twitter this morning.[/size]. :open_mouth:

At the time, he was only young and irresponsible, nothing unduly worrying there. But now, he’s much older and irresponsible. That is worrying.

We feel your pain. :frowning:

Dearest garpu,
your empathy is much appreciated.

My heart goes out to members of the family Porcine … whilst, at the same time, feeling sympathy for all those devotees and worshipers at the alter of, ‘The Bacon Butty(ie)’,

especially if they’re of the socialist, leftwing, marxist persuasion.

Charlie Brooker, he of “Black Mirror” fame, could be a member of Scriv’s crew, but I haven’t seen his monicker about the ship. An attempt at scrutinising the list of all members, name beginning with ‘C’ or ‘B’,
was aborted after I started to go cross-eyed.
However, the question still remains … did Charlie know something we didn’t? :confused: youtube.com/watch?v=izBp845WTa8

Take care
Edited 13-03pm: seems our Charlie has already answered my question.
theguardian.com/tv-and-radio … ie-brooker

It’s an old Woody Allen joke (from a scene in Annie Hall) but it seems to work here too:

newstatesman.com/2015/09/wha … ng-country

Is it wrong that I totally want a BLT now?

Sweetheart! The more you deny yourself something … the more you’ll desire it. It’s human nature. Don’t beat yourself up … go for it! :smiling_imp: Enjoy! errr … ‘ang on! You’re not a Marxist are y’?


Not a Marxist. Nor am I a witch, although I float. :slight_smile:

Hmm … reassuring. :confused:

Hmm … spellbinding. :open_mouth:
Sure you haven’t got one of these about the house?

Naw. Just a black cat: goo.gl/photos/v2pafCQVxPcSp5Xt9

You’re obviously working that cat too hard! I’ve a good mind to report you to the ASPCWC.

Yeah…if I don’t provide enough tummies, he’ll flop over onto my keyboard on his back.

The cat is knackered! :open_mouth: He can’t keep his eyes open! :open_mouth: He’s not after tickles! :open_mouth: tch! tch! wot y’ like?!

Naw. Then you’re expected to hold his head while he sleeps. :slight_smile:

When the poor thing’s crying, more like! :open_mouth:

Naw. Drool. :slight_smile: