Writing a Cookbook using Scrivener

I would like to use Scrivener for writing an actual cookbook (not just using the cookbook/recipe collecting function of Scrivener). I will be following a format of one photo per recipe and likely one recipe per page. There may also be two page spreads with a photo on one side and a recipe on the other. Should I just use the content section and is there any formatting I should be aware of with one photo per recipe? Also, if there is someone who has done this before and could save me time with how I set it up, I’d gladly pay for some consulting time. I am also curious if anyone has used the cookbook/recipe collecting function of Scrivener to publish an actual cookbook with photos.

I have the exact same question. Just trialling it now and wondering if i’ll be able to use it for the entire cookbook.

Hello to you both.

Did either of you find a good solution to this within Scrivener?

Suppose each document contains either a photo followed by a recipe (or vice versa), or just a photo or just a recipe — and formatting the recipe text portions to your own specification. Now suppose you compile so a page break is inserted before each document. Now you have at least the basic framework of what was described.

Is there something further that this question is about beyond pursuing this basic set up?


P.S. Personally, I would not expect to be producing a nice looking cookbook with photos without also expecting to have to finish the project in “post-production”, i.e. in some app suited to your output format that enables you to fine tune your page and typographic layout.