Writing content in a folder that comes before and after subdocument

Hi there. I’m currently trying to create a template for musical librettos in scriptwriting mode, and am very excited, because it will really change the game for my collaborator and I when it comes to integrating with scores.

The last thing that’s stumping me is this: right now my folder structure is Act–>Scene–>Song, where Act and Scene are both folders. I know you can add text directly to a folder layer in Scrivenings mode, but only seem to be able to add it before any existing subdocument; in my case, a song. Is it possible to add Scene-level material after the subdocument, or am I misunderstanding something about how folders work?

The reason I’m trying to keep the song as a separate file is that often we need to export a PDF that omits them entirely (as those are replaced by sheet music later on.) Would love to know if that’s possible––thanks so much in advance.

Folders are just a different kind of document in Scrivener, which is why you can add text to them.

I suggest you create two new section types: Prefix and Suffix. Create files that contain what comes before each song and change their section type to “Prefix”. Likewise with documents after each song + section type of “Suffix”… or however you need to arrange things.

Then, here’s the trick to making it easy to exclude the songs… Whatever section type you’re using for each song document… do a project search for that Section Type, and save that search (click on the loupe icon in the project search field to get to the various options you’ll need). The search should show a list of just the song documents in your draft/script/whatever the main folder is called, as tagged by the Section Type. The collection will update to add or remove any documents that no longer have that section type assigned to them, so you don’t have to do this more than once in your project.

Once you have that search collection saved, when you bring up the compile window, you can use the funnel icon to filter out the set of documents that show up in the search based collection. If you want everything to be included, just turn off the filter.

Don’t forget to assign section formats to your new section types, so that compile knows what to do with the files they apply to, if anything.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, that does help, especially the save search function when compiling.

I’ve realized because it’s uncommon to have scene material after the song, I feel like I’m going to go ahead and keep the main text of the scene on the Scene folder level, and then add the “Suffix scene” material as another subdocument after the song if need be. I’ve test-compiled this and it seems to work correctly, unless I’m missing something?

Again, thanks so much. Incredible, supportive community.

So long as you don’t HAVE to have the “suffix” document to balance out the “prefix” part, then you’re golden.