Writing/editing footnotes

Hello, I just wanted to know if it is possible to edit/write footnotes in a different pane than the Inspector one, I mean on a separate page where writing and editing them would be more convenient.
Thing is, I find it difficult especially for long footnotes to write and revise them in the limited lateral Inspector pane, no matter if I keep it wide as much as I can.

I hope question is clear… and yes, I tried to browse the forum for similar questions, but probably, since Im not native English speaker, I can’t insert the correct keywords in the search line.

So thank you in advance for your help!


Have you tried using inline footnotes? The result will be the same when you compile, so it is just a different way of working with them. They will appear in the main editor along with the source text, marked in a grey bubble to keep them distinct.

Thank you for the reply… I just tried what you suggested, but I don’t like the way the main text remains fragmented by the footnote text, and also the length and the look of the pages in the main editor result messy…
I point out that it 's no big deal, and I can manage to use the footnote feature the way it is. But as a suggestion I would say that Scrivener should add automatically in the binder a separate document where all the footnotes are listed in a similar page as the main editor, ready to be corrected, writed etc. Like a bigger version of the footnote pane… (For comments it’s more than enough the Inspector pane)
(maybe there is already a way to achieve that, and Im too newbie at Scrivener knowledge to know it :slight_smile:)

That wouldn’t really be possible, it takes quite a bit of “plumbing” to keep these notes synchronised with the original text. If they were all just printed in an RTF file, there would be nothing to separate one for the next, at least without a bunch of ugly technical identification info jammed in with separator sequences, all of which could absolutely never be edited or you’d lose connection between all of the footnotes and your manuscript. Meanwhile if you so much as changed one letter in your manuscript, this whole file would get out of sync in some conditions, causing footnote anchors to drift in the text.

In short, we’d have to come up with some kind of system that made this look nice—maybe draw boxes around each footnote and make each one a separate field so it is impossible to bust the separators with a simple accidental backspace, and hiding all of the technical info behind the friendly object design, and then we could also make this a bit nicer and have links between the two so that when you click on one it opens the other pane and scrolls to it… you get where I’m going with this. :slight_smile:

If you just want that inspector pane bigger, that’s no problem. You can drag it out to be quite a bit wider than it is by default (try making the window wider if you’re running into the minimum editor width). You can also increase the font magnification by right-clicking in the background of the footnote list.

you mean that every improvement would call for another, and then another, etc etc, so better leave it alone in the first place? or maybe you are hinting at something coming in the future? well I’m not sure I have understood clearly, blame my English! :wink:

But yes, with a widened Inspector pane and a bigger font for footnotes, they become definitely more manageable :slight_smile:

Sorry, my joke was obscure: I was basically describing the Inspector pane. :wink: In other words we would have to modify the text editor so much that it would end up looking roughly like the inspector pane all over again.