Writing for Kindle owners

Those who depend heavily on their Kindle market may find this “Anatomy of a Kindle Owner/User” helpful.

writtenwordmedia.com/2015/09 … ndle-owner

Here are the highest statistics:

24% are influenced to buy through websites and blogs.

Facebook is the top discovery and discussion site.

42% read to relax.

78% have read more than seven books in a series.

41% like FreeBookssy.com to discover new books. You might post your first book in a series there for free, get them hooked, and sell the rest.


25% want most love/warmth in a story. Romantic novels anyone?

Kindle owners buy an average of 8.92 books a month (Amazing! How do they find the time?)

70% enjoy series and standalone books equally.

Just keep in mind that the sample they took may not be representative of all Kindle owners.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books, inklingbooks.prosite.com