Writing History corrupted ?by Document Duplication? Is it rectifiable?

I love the writing history feature (could be improved by putting today at the top, instead of the bottom, but hey, that’s hardly major) but it just threw me a curveball – and I’m English, so I’m doubly confused!

Issue the word count for today in draft has gone wrong and it upsets my writing history, averages, etc.

I had a wordcount of ~1,600 for today to lunchtime, took a break, quit to create a backup, restarted and somewhere in this process did the following:

  • Duplicated document1 to get 1a (to duplicate metadata)
  • Deleted duplicate content of 1a, and carried on writing in 1a

Now some ~350 words later in doc1a, the total for today is 122 words.

  • Doc1 still contains all its original content ~1800 words (~1,600 of which were added today)
  • Doc1a contains ~350 words.
  • Today’s total
    It’s almost as though when I deleted the content of the duplicate doc1a the deleted words were subtracted before they had even been added in to the total… but still, I can’t see why it’s only @120 words when I added ~350 after emptying it.

Question has anybody else seen anything similar, and is there any way to get Scriv to correct its counts?


Repeated the duplicate, clear contents of duplicate and today’s word count went negative (!). Undo delete in the duplicate restored the count, which should have been twice that of the duplicated document, but I guess Scriv is trying to be smart and says, aha! I’ve already counted those words so doesn’t add them… but is then perfectly happy to subtract them if they are then deleted. (Though the precise numbers are confusing me…)

That’s irksomely reliable & reliably irksome, alas.

Info Scrivener Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021, Win10 home 64-bit, 21H2

Duplicating a document don’t count as added words to your writing history.
Nor does deleting a document.
BUT, deleting the content of a document does.

Create a blank document.
Copy-paste the content of the document you initially duplicated to it.
Hit the space bar anywhere in it. (For some reason, sometimes that’s needed.)
Move that new document to the trash.

Note: Can’t fix the daily count if the session already expired (unless maybe by tricking Scrivener by changing your system time and date – I won’t experiment on this myself), but still the overall count will return to what it should have been.

Click on any column in the Writing History pane to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort order. So yes, you can put the most recent information at the top.

Obviously there’s some difference between our systems - I tried again (despite being fairly sure of what I said - just in case!), alas it doesn’t work on my machine :frowning:

Not doing it for me either. (Windows)

That fixed it - thank you!

Re the other stuff: I have seen the word count in draft go down when e.g. I think I moved a document out of the draft folder (The MS got totally reorganised) and surely deleting a document…

No, hang on, I see what you’re saying: writing history vs word counts! Got it… you can’t unwrite what has been written :slight_smile:

UPDATE So, words in “other” are counted differently, because:


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That’s so you know what is research and development, and what is actually real draft writing toward your goal.
The “Other” column is everything that is going on anywhere OUTSIDE the draft folder.

If you want to fix the “other” count, do as I said, but handle it outside of the draft folder.

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Windows not sortable? Hmph. That’ll teach me to post without checking. Sorry about that.

Hey. A drop in a sea of invaluable support and advices.