Writing History Issue

Wrote 518 words today but my writing history (which I was really excited about) is showing negative numbers in the thousands. Not sure how that happened but it will surely mess up my total for the month. Has anyone else had this happen?

Is there a way to reset the Writing History? So I can start over tomorrow?

Using Mac version in High Sierra on a Retina MacBook. But I also opened the project in the iOS version on my iPhone and typed a few words there. Would that have messed it up?

I have screenshots but don’t know how to post them. Sorry, I am new here. :unamused:

No has had this issue? Weird. I guess I will email support, then.

Okay, here is a hack to correct it. I opened the package and opened the Writing.history file in a text editor (it is just an xml file) and edited the values there. The trick is to do this at the start of the next day.

Probably not the best way to do it but there is no way to reset the writing history that I can tell.

That’s very strange indeed. Did you delete lots of words too by any chance? Writing history counts words deleted as well as added and shows the net result.

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Thanks Keith, I think I know what happened now. I opened the project in the Windows Beta. I mean to open a copy I’d made of the project for testing but opened the actual project. I was able to reproduce by opening it again in the Windows beta.

Word count in the Windows Beta is very very off. I’ll report it to the Windows team.

Ah, okay, thanks. Yes, the Windows beta is still in the very early stages and we wouldn’t recommend it for real work just yet. We in large part released it so early to show our users that we aren’t neglecting them and are working on something special for them, too, even if it’s a longer wait. :slight_smile:

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