Writing history says I wrote 6k words I didn't write

I haven’t written a single word today, I hadn’t even opened my laptop until a few minutes ago.

My lack of writing today is reflected in the word count when I hover over the quick search toolbar near the top of the window. On the left it has what seems to be the correct word count for my entire project and on the right for today’s word count it says “0 words”

However, when I go into my writing history it says I have written 5892 words in my draft today (and 0 elsewhere). The word counts in writing history for the previous few days are accurate, so it’s not just that words from yesterday have been applied to today’s count or anything.

Does anyone know what might be happening here or if there’s a way to fix it?

(I made my account for the forum today so my account is too new to be permitted to include images, otherwise I’d include screenshots)

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Are you sure you ain’t looking at the first month’s total ?
That’s what is reported by default in the bottom section when displaying the writing history popup.

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Some people would give anything for that, by the way. Are you sure you want to complain ? :wink:

I’m definitely certain it’s the number for only today! It says “Nov 9” right next to the number, and it’s NaNo so I’m already at about 21,000 words for the month!

:wink: Though I appreciate Scrivener’s desire to give me a boost, I’m hoping I can use the history to ensure I’m remembering to record all my words on the NaNo website!

The only other thing that comes to my mind is,
perhaps check and see at what time your session expires. Maybe it ended up counting today, words from yesterday ?

Project target / options / session target. There is a setting for the time at which it all resets.

Else, did you do something special this-project-wise today ?
Import stuff ?
Copy paste stuff ?

Unfortunately I don’t think any of those explain it either. My word count for Nov 8 is accurate, and the changeover time is midnight (and it seems to be using the correct time zone for where I am). Nothing was copied/pasted/moved/changed in the project at all either. I opened the program for the first time that day and immediately checked my writing history and saw it there before doing anything else.

However, I just opened Scrivener and my word count for Nov 9 is now 1912, which IS the accurate number of words I actually wrote yesterday! I have no idea what happened but it seems to be accurate now?? Very strange!

Thank you for your thoughts on things to check! I appreciate it.

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