Writing history/session target miscount RC8

Hi, I’ve had some strange behaviour with the word count in RC8. I just opened my project to start work today (it was closed, my laptop was shut down since I last opened it), typed one word and got a pop-up to say I met my target. Looked into the session target/writing history and it said I have written 227 words today. I hit reset on the session target which put it back to 0… but then checked the writing history window which had jumped down to 147 words. As much as I would love some words of my PhD thesis to write themselves, sadly this isn’t what’s happening here!

Edit to add: In case anyone is wondering if this is a timezone issue somehow, I’m writing at 8am in the UK, but the writing history has indeed recognised that this is a new day.

Edited again: I just noticed that the 227 words is also the wordcount of the text I’m working on. But, I wrote 226 words of it yesterday,

Update: the wordcount goes completely haywire every time I copy and paste something from one Text to another.

perhaps this is a similar problem reported here?

No, it tells me I have added/deleted words (with no logic I can spot as to which) when I’ve just moved them, from one text included in compile settings to another also included.

It also counts all the words in a text as new words when I highlight all text and change the font size.