Writing in MMD in Scrivener to put into Wordpress

I am new to Scrivener and also starting a new blog so please forgive my ignorance! I wrote around 45 posts in advance of launching my blog (it’s self-hosted on Wordpress.org) in Scrivener 2.x. I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 and successfully imported the project into the new Scrivener. I’ve been digging around about going from Scrivener to Wordpress and it seems that writing in Multimarkdown is efficient. However, a lot of the blog posts about the process of transferring to Wordpress were written years ago, for a much older version of Scrivener and Wordpress.

My question is this: if I write in MMD in Scrivener, do I need to compile (Multimarkdown --> HTML) if I have a plugin like Jetpack on my blog in Wordpress? Is there any reason I couldn’t/shouldn’t write in MMD in Scrivener, then just copy/paste into the Text (code) part of the Wordpress Editor if I have the Jetpack plugin that allows me to write in MMD in Wordpress?

Also, if I do need to compile, can anyone help me with the Section layouts–what to use if what I’m doing is just “compiling” one text document that is my blog post? The section layout videos here make sense if you’re compiling a bunch of docs into a book, but I’m a little mystified by it for my purposes.

Thanks! :smiley:

I write in MMD in Scrivener and then copy / paste into the code part of the WordPress editor, using the Jetpack plugin that supports MMD. It works perfectly. No need to ever compile.

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