Writing Keyboards


I’m on the lookout for a keyboard that really works for writing and I wanted to know what others thought, what kind of keyboards you guys like?

My previous keyboard was a Saitek Cyborg v7 gaming keyboard which (in principle) falls in well with some of the advice I’ve had i.e. that gaming keyboards are really quite good for writing. In practice that wasn’t true as the Saitek was a “git” to install once Windows “lost it” (for example when I had PC issues and had to remove everything for system testing then re-add them back) plus it had a number of irritating quirks I never truly resolved. Still, my oldest daughter is a serious gamer and has wanted one of them for a while so she’ll be getting that as a freebie.

Other sources recommend a mechanical keyboard which again corresponds quite well with gaming and, of course, being me I like “cool” keyboards :slight_smile:

Ultimately I am trying to balance keyboard type (wired, mechanical, full size) with budget and aesthetics so any advice or recommendations (or even the occasional slap around my ugly mug) would be appreciated.


I use a wireless full sized keyboard (and mouse) from Lenovo. The mouse might be a little small in the hand for some(but more than good enough for my needs), and the keyboard itself is great. It’s like having a really good full size laptop keyboard.

amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-Ultrasli … B0052ELM9W

I use a bog-standard Apple wireless keyboard, my third. (I sense that I ought to become as erudite about keyboards as the keyboard connoisseurs, but I can’t help the feeling - born perhaps of the days when I had to sit down in a newspaper office and hit the keys of whatever cranky old typewriter was available - that it’s a subtle form of procrastination…)

Thx for the replies so far :slight_smile:

On the non-mechanical side of things I quite like this Logitech K350 but I prefer wired.

Amazon also does a cheap mechanical, the Black Axis USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard but there are no reviews which worries me.

On the more expensive side there’s this Corsair CH-9000040-UK Vengeance K65 … if only.

Any more ideas?


Any conversation on keyboards has to include the Optimus Maximus and the Optimus Tactus keyboards!


Wow! They look really expensive!


I use a Cooler Master CM Storm Quick-Fire XT (Cherry MX Brown) mechanical keyboard. The colour denotes the ‘firmness’ of touch and studies show brown is by far the best for writing (and I agree with the study). It fights back, but not too much.

I’ve used a lot of keyboards over the last 30 years and this is the best I’ve ever had. If it ever wears out, I’ll be buying another just like it if they’re still available.

I love my Matias Tactile Pro, though I’m thinking of trading it in for the Mini version (no numerical keypad) to reduce the travel from my home keys to my trackpad or mouse, and also to save on desk space. It’s loud, but I actually like that about it. It’s also not exactly cheap, so it’s probably not what you’re looking for.

I switched my mouse to my left hand to accomplish this. Works a charm. :slight_smile: Besides, I couldn’t give up my numeric keypad.

I do that now, but my left hand/wrist gets tired after a long day of pointing and clicking/tapping, so I like to switch off. I can count one one hand (right or left!) the number of times I’ve used the numeric keypad in the last year, so I know I won’t miss it often. I also have a portable USB numeric keypad if I ever really need to do a lot of numeric entry.

I’m currently erring towards spending a bit more and buying something like a Corsair Vengeance K70 only I want it to have Cherry MX blue key switches which are (apparently) good for typing. Looks like I’m just going to have to find more money.

I particularly want a full size and extended keyboard, in part because that’s what I’m used to and I’m not convinced I want wireless.

Anyway … thx for the feedback guys :slight_smile:


I read an article suggesting the Cherry MX brown are even better, but I never did try the blue, so who knows? :slight_smile:


Well, for better or worse, I finally made my decision:

Qpad MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

It’s a mechanical, extended and gets excellent reviews on Amazon … moreover, though it was more than my original budget, it was quite cheap as far as mechanicals go (£56). The keys are Cherry MX reds which some say are fairly good for typing. I guess I’ll see when it arrives tomorrow.


So the new keyboard arrived Friday and I’ve had the weekend to play with it.

On the plus side, in terms of tactile feedback, it is just about perfect given the cost (I have no idea if a more expensive keyboard is better, I just assume so). The feel of the keys is nice and positive with a reasonable click sound as keys are depressed (poor dears). It looks good with a matt black finish which I really like but I don’t think will be for everyone.

The only thing I am critical of, my only problem with the keyboard, relates to the labelling of the keys, specifically those keys where two symbols are displayed such as the row of number keys over the main letters. I don’t know why but the designers have decided to display both the main key character and the “shifted” one as small, side-by-side and to the top of the key. For a touch-typist this is probably no issue but for slower typists, like me, that sometimes have to look for which key to press it’s a little confusing and, since I can’t figure why they did this except perhaps because they thought it looked cooler.

So 9 out 10 I guess but still, for the price …


Late to the game…I tend to gravitate towards split-level keyboards. I find my hands ache after using a regular keyboard after awhile. Currently I’m using a Microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard. The thing takes an absolute beating and has had several cups of coffee spilled on it with no adverse effects.

Absolutely hate Microsoft mice, however. (I prefer logitech ones. Microsoft mice don’t hold up to hard use, although if you aren’t gaming, they probably would be fine.)

I absolutely agree. I’ve long been a fan of MS natural keyboards and if they had had a mechanical one that would have been my preference so now I’m kinda relearning to use an “ordinary” keyboard. I agree on the mouse side of things too.

Perhaps my best media keyboard and mouse (not for writing) are my Gyration ones in part because the mouse that works even in the air … 'tis a shame the keyboard went a bit wonky after I left the batteries in too long and they leaked (something it seems no amount of cleaning will resolve).


Ever since I found out about this Kickstarter (after it had closed, alas), I’ve been lusting after this:

(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keyboardio/the-model-01-an-heirloom-grade-keyboard-for-seriou)]The Model 01: an heirloom-grade keyboard

I currently have a Unicomp 101 because of their amazing keyswitches, but I do get complaints about how loud the keyboard is. I’d love to find something that keep carpal tunnel at bay like my current keyboard, but is quiet.

Still has 6 days to go…?
Does look cool (way cool). Tempted.

This must be another “Chevy vs. Ford” thing, right up there with “vi vs. emacs,” “chocolate vs. caramel,” or “Star Trek vs. Star Wars.” I find that Logitech mice, regardless of their physical size, don’t fit in my hand – they all somehow feel too small. Whereas Microsoft mice, even when they’re the tiny laptop-sized devices, seem to fit just right.

(And for the record: Ford, vi, both, both.)

So it does. Too many campaigns I’m keeping track of. Won’t be able to donate to this one until after the closing date, so in my mind it was “closed.”