Writing my memoir

Before I try this product, is this a good way to write my memoir? I feel I have some life experiences that others may find compelling.

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Especially if you want to throw in writings in no specific order first.
Unlike conventional (linear) text editing apps, this one is more of a document studio, to put it like that.
You can have your work be a complete mess of multiple documents for a good while, it is not gonna slow you down even a bit.

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That sounds good. Where can I see what a finished, published on-line page looks like, or is that dependent on where it ultimately gets published? For example, I’ve used WordPress before and it allows me to ‘preview’ my work before I publish it. Does this work in a similar manner?

Not really.
And most importantly, you need to know/understand that this software is intended for content development. Not for formatting specifically. In other words, it is not WYSIWYG.
You can preview, but the software is not oriented towards formatting, and as such is limited on this side of the equation.
Formatting is more of a post-process thing. In whatever third party app you may like.
Of course, if we’re only talking text (no images/pictures) that’s not a issue at all.

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To give you an idea, I write novels fulltime (fake memoirs, kinda :wink: – and for sure messy first drafts) and I can tell you this app IS the thing.

The biggest downside is the learning curve comes compile (the final assembly), but even then, even without the final processing, you sure can get a long way in a fashion no other software is gonna match the efficiency of.

P.S. You know you can try it out for free for 30 non-consecutive days, right ?

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Hmmm… something to think about.

What I find frustrating about WordPress, etc., is the reverse order of each entry and the chunkiness of creating pages, posts, menus, blah, blah…

I’m trying to find something that allows me to let me focus on getting my thoughts out, not building a site. I do plan on incorporating pictures, graphics, and other material if possible, so… maybe Scrivener is not for me. Then again… it could work just for the text content, then I could migrate that into something else where I add the other goodies.

That’s Scrivener. 100% Scrivener.

For images:
Scrivener can include and display images. No problem. The difference is that where a WYSIWYG app will allow you to work on the final formatting live, in Scrivener you know what you want, but don’t obtain it yet.
It only requires some getting used to. (And in the case of complex images handling/formatting, things such as text wrap, etc : a final formatting third party app for the finishing touch.)


I should add that Scrivener exports in multiple formats with no “lock you in as a client” limitations whatsoever.
You can’t really go wrong trying it out all the while developing real material of yours.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend downloading the free trial and taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. That’s the best way to see what Scrivener can do.

You do Scrivener a little disservice.

It is easy to work with images and the Insert Image Linked To File is great in that you can update images and Scrivener updates the document.

For my books on Scrivener I deliberately stayed away from 3rd party final layout apps so that the final books were the result of doing the work completely in Scrivener.

Yes, if you want fancy wrap around text and so on, it’s time to look at a 3rd party app (it can be as simple as the free app, Pages if you have a Mac)