Writing on photos


I have some photos that I have put in my book. But I want to write directly on the photo. When I insert the photo in a chapters. It acts like a separate section from the words.

For example, If I have a picture of a little girl. I want to be able to write sassy sandy on the photo not as a text under the photo.

How can I do that?


You do it in an app that is made for manipulating images, before you put it into Scrivener.

Thank you. I’m going to try Canva tonight.

If you place your image from an external file using Insert > Image Linked to File, then the image you see in the Editor stays linked with that external file. Control-clicking on the image gives you a pop-up menu with two interesting options. 1) Open in External Editor – with which you can call up your external app to draw on the image and resave it. This will edit the external file. 2) Reload from Original Image – which updates the image Scriv is showing you if you edited the external file.

In fact, since down in the Research folder images can be stand-alone Binder items, you can place your images there and then use Insert > Image Linked to Document, and achieve the same effect as the above, except all of the image files you would be effecting would reside inside Scrivener.

I am not sure what platform you are on. I reference here the Mac version of Scrivener.