Writing Resolutions for 2013??

Did anyone here set any writing related resolutions for themselves this year? I did. I want to get at least one novel length work written, edited and published. Maybe a collection of poetry as well & a collection of flash fiction stories written.

‘s tha’ all!? Wot y gonna do with the rest of the year then? :confused:

Happy New Year, and Good Luck with your endeavours :wink:

Thanks and the same to you. If I manage to get those projects done I will probably go on to try some more. And certainly there is NaNo 2013 to look forward to. :smiley:

Well, I’ve not gone so far as to make concrete, quantifiable and verifiable resolutions(*), but I am making an effort to be more focused in my creative endeavours.
Including, but not in any way restricted to:

  • Using time to actually write that I might otherwise have spent thinking about writing.
  • Being more diverse in my choice of projects.
  • Being more diverse in my reading (including authors and genres I probably wouldn’t normally have tried).
    I’m also going to give the blog thing a go, because obviously it’s hugely important to a great number of people(**) that they know my highly opiniated views on whatever minor issue loosely associated with writing is occupying my mental bandwidth at any given moment.

i Like, say, writing at least 3,000 words a day, or restricting myself to just the one adjective per noun.
(**) That number is two.[/i]

xkcd’s view

dear lord, no.

I am going to enjoy beer more, worry about things I cannot change less, sleep better, eat better, exercise better and in doing all of these things I think it will affect my writing in a positive way.

I am going to learn how to complete cryptic crosswords.

Probably the closest I will get to writing something with words in a meaningful order that is not work related. :angry:

“Lorelle on Wordpress”, the site ranked as 29,294 in the world for traffic (Literatureandlatte.com is 47,126 for comparison purposes) and with 15,199 regular subscribers posted a copy of a piece of fiction you helped write saying that we

And that’s just one link that I stumbled on by accident. Who knows what else is out there to get people to read what you wrote.

You did somethin’ cool, is all I’m sayin’.

My writing-related goals for 2013:

– write at least two tech books and two novels this year
– blog & otherwise promote the books that are currently available and upcoming
– attend two writing conferences or retreats, more if I can manage
– spend less time aimlessly surfing and more time actively working
– delegate household nonsense so I can carve out more writing hours
– send the twins off to college in the fall, which will free up a LOT of time!

I need to get at least a CD’s worth of music out the door and shopped around. Figure start small and do more, rather than have huge goals I don’t meet.

The inertia of not working is strong. :frowning:

Good luck. I sent my twins off to university a few months ago, and I’m still waiting for the free time to materialise! :smiley:

My resolution is to finish my pean to one of my favourite cyber buddies. Someone who has taken all the maligning and character assassinations I’ve aimed at her over the years, and run with it, making it very chucklesome in the doing. Stymied only by the weirdest set of coincidences,…even by my standards :open_mouth: Made me think perhaps I shouldn’t bother with it.

Since it’s a declarAtion of affection and reSpect, and she having the final say as to wheTher or not it gets posted, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finish it…mind you, it’ll pRobably be when I’ve read the complete works of Herman MelvIlle and Nathaniel Hawthorn. Free time seems to be at a premium…Dunit!!? :confused:

What happened to the “D”?




Intriguing… I hope that the extensive schedule of background reading doesn’t mean that you intend drawing unflattering comparisons between the cyber buddy and Moby Dick! :laughing:

Well… I hadn’t thought of Buddy’s impaired Spatial Relationship abilities/inebriated, settee recumbency proclivities, as being analogous to the helplessness of the beached whale (which in fact it is, of course)…but, now that you’ve mentioned it…nahh, can’t. Moby never got beached, did he? Or did he? I haven’t even got as far as, “Call me Ishmael." yet. I’m researching the various facets of Melville’s life, as revealed in the intro to the book. Right now, I’m locked in Hawthorne’s ‘House of the Seven Gables’.

Apropos my paean to Cyber Buddy, I’m open to any more tips you may have to offer. :wink: :smiley:

I stopped reading the intros to books ever since I read an introduction to First Blood by David Morrell which explained in detail how the book ended.

Dark Lady? :wink:

My copy of Moby-Dick is one of the Wordsworth Classics. Nearly all of Wordsworth Classics’ publications, advise the reader to read and enjoy the novel first, and then read the Introduction.

Most of the people writing intros for the Wordsworth, are scholars and appear to be erudite individuals attached to one University or another. In any case, in this instance my interest is as much Melville as Moby.

I suppose it’s a reasonable assumption (erroneous or no), that Ishmael is Melville. However, floating around my cranial void, is the notion that, Moby Dick (the novel, not the whale), is Melville…maybe maybe not. We’ll see how it goes.

In my experience, I’ve come across more spoiler material, splashed across the rear cover of paperbacks and dust covers of hardbacks, than I have in their Intros. It’s not the authors who write that crap.

Take care