Writing Screenplays in Scrivener

Has anyone written an entire screenplay in Scrivener?

The reason I ask is that I’m tempted to do so. I have Final Draft 7 and I just don’t like anything about it. Not the screen, not the limited text capabilities, not the way it chooses to or save or not save my work – it’s all bad as far as I’m concerned.
And I love working in Scrivener although there are limits to the Screenplay program.

I’m curious to hear about other people’s experiences writing screenplays in Scrivener.

If there’s already a link of posts about this topic, maybe someone could post that link – I haven’t been able to find it.

(And also, is Final Draft 8 really that much of an improvement?)

I’ve written a short movie with it, and it was a pleasant experience. But then I exported it to a dedicated screenwriting app (Celtx) for additional work on blocking and planning, because of the additional tools it offered.

Keep in mind, however, it has not been produced, so I could not test the actual results…


There’s another thread going on FD 8; see here:

(In brief: yes, many have written screenplays, and FD 8 appears to be a big improvement, especially for Mac users. My advice is to draft in Scrivener, then export to FD for final clean up.)