writing tools disappeared from right click

Hi, The writing tools options have suddenly disappeared from my right-click menu. They’re still in the edit drop down, but I liked them there in the right-click! What could have happened? I’m using on OS 10.9.5. I noticed this a few weeks ago.

I’m using exactly the same software/OS and they’re still there for me (near the bottom of the contextual menu). Have you tried Quit or Restart or Reboot?

Yes. As I said they disappeared a few weeks ago.

Have you made any changes in System Preferences, or installed new software? Do you get any contextual menu at all when you right click?

Context matters. Are you right clicking on a highlighted word in the editor? Writing tools isn’t in the contextual menu when you right-click on a word in the synopsis, for instance, but it works in the main editor and in the document & project notes. Probably other places, but definitely not in the binder or outline, or cork board…