Writting Goals for the entire manuscrit and not the Chapter

Hello Everyone,

I would like to use the goals by day option but Scrivener is not calculcating it and I think that is because it only set my goal for one chapter and not the 50 chapter. I have set my goal for each chapter one by one to 15000 signs but I don’t see a calculation for the entire book/manuscrit anywhere.

I am a french user, so I have to translate the terms of the Scrivener Section from French to english, I hope that I am not saying any wrong english terms.

Here is some pictures, sorry it’s in french.

Hope someone can help me !

Thanks !


Trying to upload picture but it doesnt work, I keep trying…

Here is a link to the screens :

Salut :slight_smile:

(Captures d’écran tirées de la version Windows.)



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