Wrong Binder Entry Shown After "Show Last Document"

If I move to another document via “Go to previous document,” the highlighted document in the binder changes to the appropriate new document.

However, if I use the “Show last document viewed” button, the the newly viewed document is not highlighted, and the old document is lightly highlighted (and the little text icon is highlighted).

I’ve also noticed that this is worse with View/Go To/Favorite, in that the old document is completely highlighted. Also, in this case, Reveal in Binder highlights the wrong document:

The binder intentionally does not follow the editor when switching documents. There have been multiple discussions about this in the forum, so a search on binder navigation should turn up some of the ins and outs if you’re curious. Essentially, it’s just not practical. Given the multiple editors, the binder would easily end up bouncing around and expanding containers that you may have intentionally closed. It would severely limit the binder’s functionality as a workspace, since your manual scrolling and expanding/collapsing folders wouldn’t stay put.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the case where selecting a Favorite from the View > Go To menu caused Reveal in Binder to select the incorrect document. Could you provide steps to trigger this?

OK, I’ll take your word for it, although it seems weird to have a document highlighted in the binder for no reason.

Here’s how to reproduce it.

  1. Click on a document in the binder.
  2. Choose View/Go to/[favorite]
  3. Press Ctrl-Shift-8

The wrong document is highlighted.

Ah, I see. It’s resulting from the focus remaining in the binder. I’ll make a note of it. Meanwhile if you switch focus to the editor before using the Reveal in Binder shortcut, the proper document will be selected.